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Spam spam spam

March 31st, 2012 by admin

To all that have gotten trapped by the very aggressive anti-spam measures here, I have dialed it back a bit.. Sorry!

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GS dad patch alert!

February 5th, 2012 by admin

Apparently the “my dad is a gs leader” patch that we are hawking on this very website is now in very short supply. I ordered mine from the national website @ .49 each.  I found a council in Maine selling them for the same price. I went to order 100, but they only have two left. The patch has been discontinued. No replacement patch is in the works.

SO, after this batch is gone, there will be no more “my dad is a gs leader” patches.

Can someone tell me who actually made these patches?? Maybe I can order a 100 or so from the source??

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Search terms – What to order extra for booth sales

January 29th, 2012 by admin

I was picking thru all of the search terms people used to find this site.  A very popular one was “how many cookies to order extra for booth sales?”

Here is what we did. I am also the cookie mom/dad/manager/person.  Cookie names are for our council, your names will be different.

1) Savannah smiles – new cookie this year. We ordered no extra. All we will have are the 10 extra boxes that we have to order to make a case.. and I hope we are able to get rid of the 10.  Otherwise, these will be our donate cookies.

2) Trefoils – (shortbread) we are getting two cases – 24 total boxes

3) Do-se-do – one case – 12 boxes

4) Samoas - four cases – 48 boxes  Samoas seem to be a hit or miss item. One year we were out in a flash. One year, we had loads extra.  Yet another year, the council ran out, had to get a shipment of more.  Base this on your initial order. If lots of people ordered them, it must be a full moon, order lots for your booth.

5) Dulce-de-Leche – Another new cookie. We ordered no extra. We will have four boxes to sell.

6) Thank-you-berry-munch.  Another new cookie. We ordered no extra. We will have one box to sell. Yes one.

7) Tagalongs – 24 boxes, two cases.

8) Thinmints – Ah, the holy grail of cookies. 48 boxes, four cases. This is also a tough one.. but at least I feel compelled to buy the extras for my private cookie stash.

Your situation will be different. I would much rather make multiple trips to the cookie warehouse, than have 300 extra cookies..

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Bowling with dad

January 23rd, 2012 by admin

Went to a SU sponsored event this weekend. Bowling with dads! Good event. Bit disappointed in some of the dads, they bowled a few frames and left the girls to fend for themselves.



She got the spare




Yeah thats the foul light on.. oops.

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January 20th, 2012 by admin

I think I just found the reason not to take credit cards this year. Chargebacks. Every merchant who takes credit cards deals with some element of risk. Some percentage of transactions are always charged back to you because they are fraudulent, errors in payment..etc..

Typically the merchant takes a loss on the item and money. Thats why merchants want to see ID, on larger dollar amounts.  Also the credit card company tends to charge the merchant some additional percentage on the chargeback.

Do I want my troop to take that risk? No.  We dont take a risk on bad checks either. Those get deposited right in to the council account. (council wants to change that too, due to cost) Chargebacks might take 90 days or so before they hit. 90 days from now, we might loose $50?? No thanks.

In all fairness, I havent seen any communication about chargebacks from the council. They might be covering them. Doubt it, since the troop has to pay all fees.

This year we will be saying. “We take cash and checks only please.”

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booth scramble

January 19th, 2012 by admin

‎630am tomorrow, the yearly fight with people to get the best cookie booth sales slots..
The strategy session has already begun.

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Cookie Math

January 17th, 2012 by admin

I have been thinking about the 2.1% that the troops are going to be paying for credit card fees.

Lets assume:

  • the local council gets 50% of the purchase price of the box. (3.50)
  • the troop gets .55
  • CC fee on a single 3.50 transaction is .07

That .07 is 13% of the troop’s income from that box. It would be 4% of the council’s income.

Taking that credit card hurts the troop three times as much as it would hurt the council.

Taking that credit card would benefit the local council much more on a per box basis than the troop.

If this is all about the girls, wouldn’t make more sense to have the fee paid for by the council?

Just sayin’



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No Response

January 16th, 2012 by admin

Subject: US Space and Rocket Program

I see you are looking for adults to attend the SpaceCamp program.
My daughter is thinking of going.. Can I go as an adult?
I am a registered male 01 leader of our troop.
I would be the most gung-ho person to have ever have gone to SpaceCamp.


Strangely, I have yet to get a response.. I dont think they are ready for this one  yet.

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GSNETX moves to to credit cards for cookies

January 15th, 2012 by admin

EDITED: I never thought I would see the day. Scouts in North Texas are being offered the chance take credit cards as payments for cookies this year. With the omnipresence of cards, I can totally see the need.

Yeah GSNETX. I also see that the total cost of the credit card program is being paid by the troop. Bad GSNETX.   You could split the cost with the troops.  Or at least pay for the readers (more below on that issue)

Credit is due to the people who did negioiate the credit card deal. It has pretty sweet terms.

Girl Scout Troops are responsible for all fees associated with taking credit card payments including a 2.1% fee for each transaction and an additional $.07 fee for manually entered transactions.

2.1% isnt bad.. I assume no monthly fee either..

There is one huge catch. There has been talk of each troop needing to purchase a reader for $45. Using the $.55 that most troops make per box, you need to sell 94 boxes of cookies, JUST to break even on the reader purchase.  Considering that Square will send you a reader for FREE, $45 is steep.  I will say that I have yet to see an official communication on the total cost of taking cards.. Everything I used was pre-press info and word of mouth.

There is now offical info on the plan. Readers are free, still a 2.1% fee. +$.07 for any card that doesnt read.
I still have issues with the program, see HERE.

To help those of you on the fence, use the excel spreadsheet HERE to decide it this is something you want to do.

On a side point, do you really want your kids carrying your phone/ipad around to take payments?? Thats an expensive card reader!

EDIT: One council is doing this right IMHO. Colorado  The council pays the fees,and you get a free card reader. Everyone wins. More sales. Council reaps the windfall.

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Credit cards meet cookies

November 26th, 2011 by admin

Technology has finally caught up with girl scouts. You can now buy cookies via credit card, if you live in Ohio.

“Intuit Inc. has equipped the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio with its GoPayment mobile payment app, including a free Intuit credit card reader, and reduced pricing on transaction fees. ”

Watch the link of the slick sales presentation..


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